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Chimney Repairs Sheffield

Chimney repairs in Sheffield and the surrounding areas, Ferns Roofing offer a comprehensive range of chimney repairs and restoration services. Dedicated to making sure your chimney is kept in the best possible condition.

Your chimney is a vital part of your roof structure, and needs to be well maintained at all times as it can create significant problems if left to deteriorate. Older chimneys can suffer excessive wear and tear, and extreme weather conditions can also take their toll.

Brickwork, flaunching and pointing can decay over time allowing rain to penetrate the stack, in combination with fracturing from frosts, snow and wind, deterioration is accelerated. If neglected the stack will degenerate and eventually become unsafe and dangerous.

Our chimney specialists have a wealth of experience restoring, repairing and re-building chimneys of all types and condition throughout Sheffield and the surrounding areas.

Chimney Repairs Sheffield

We carry out all types of chimney repairs in and around Sheffield

Chimney Flaunching


The flaunching is the mass of mortar at the base of the chimney pots that helps secure them in place. But after many years of exposure, flaunching can eventually crack and disintegrate.

Chimney Re-pointing


The most common maintenance task with stacks is the need for re-pointing. If the cement between the bricks or stone is starting to wear, this can allow water ingress and damage to the chimney.

Chimney Removal

Chimney removal

When a chimney is no longer required. We can drop the stack to below roof height and either tile or slate over what is left, leaving the aesthetic of your roof intact.

Traditional Step Flashing & Welded Back Gutter, Sheffield

Traditional lead work

Chimney lead work should last 60 + years, but will often be a major contributor to leaks. Building regulations require you to upgrade your lead work to Code 4 for standard flashings and Code 5 for the back gutter. Code 3 is no longer permitted for anything other than soakers.

Large Chimney Re-build, Stockport

Chimney re-builds

When you are re-building a chimney stack, the task needs approaching with care and attention – as a small error can cause serious damage. We have undertaken many chimney stack re-builds in Sheffield. Upon completion, we arrange a Gas Safe engineer to perform a smoke test.

Chimney Scaffolding


Working safely at height is paramount. When we need to access a chimney stack to undertake repairs or a re-build, we use reputable scaffolding contractors to create a work platform which makes chimney work safe and meets health and safety regulations.

Concerned about the poor condition of your chimney?

Call the experts at Ferns Roofing to handle all your chimney repair needs and gain peace of mind.

Whether your chimney has suffered damage after a storm, or has become corroded, cracked or worn over time, our roofing experts are on hand to help.

We can undertake a full inspection of the chimney stack to assess the extent, of any damage. Repair work then may involve re-pointing the masonry, flaunching, or the entire rebuilding of the chimney stack. Once work is completed the chimney stack will be left in a safe and stable condition.

We are often the preferred contractor on chimney re-builds due to our ability to complete all aspects of the job from bricklaying to lead work.

All the chimney repairs you need, in one place

Re-seating of chimney pots
Lead soakers
Traditional step flashing
Welded back gutters
Welded front aprons
Chimney restoration
Chimney stack re-builds
Crown re-builds
Chimney capped & vented
Chimney removal*

Need help with your chimney repairs? Call us today: 01246 419195

To discuss your chimney repair, contact our expert team today.
We have the skills and expertise to carry out all types of chimney repairs and re-builds.
Chimney re-build Ecclesall,
Chimney flaunching, Sheffield
Chimney re-build, Sheffield
Chimney Re-build
Chimney Re-build
Chimney Re-build
Chimney Repairs, full re-build
Chimney re-build Ecclesall, Sheffield
Re-potting the chimney
Chimney flaunching, Sheffield
chimney flaunching
Chimney Re-build
Chimney Re-build, Sheffield
Traditional Step Flashing, Sheffield
lead work
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